Every day, every opportunity, everyone.

STR is the premier employer for students and professionals who value diversity, equity, and inclusion

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
our commitment

It’s a fact: diversity drives innovation

We make delivering an employment environment driven by these values a core priority.

STR’s mission of leaving a lasting, positive impact on the world means that we need extraordinary talent, and we know that the only way to attract this talent is by a deep and foundational commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Creativity and innovation is built on diverse perspectives and listening to unconventional ideas.

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We are all in on this – every day, every opportunity, everyone.

To make the most of extraordinary opportunities at STR, we need to find, listen to, and develop the best talent. Our work on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) enables this and powers our culture of impact, craftsmanship, and teamwork. At STR, we commit to DE&I.

Employee Resource groups At STR

STR has Employee Resource Groups, created and run by employees. These ERGs are spaces for employees to share experiences, learn from each other, and build a network within the STR community. All are welcome.


GenZ@STR is a space for Gen Z and allies to discuss the perspectives of Generation Z in relation to the workplace and for Gen Z employees to talk about their opinions with those who have shared experiences.


Parents@STR is a space for empowered parents to promote their well-being by providing resources and support, sharing challenges and experiences, and influencing policies, practices, and resources to create a family-friendly environment.

Spectrum (LQBTQIA+)

SPECTRUM is a space to celebrate and support people of underrepresented genders and sexualities by building a vibrant community and fostering a safe space to discuss topics that affect them.


BLEN@STR is a space for Black and Latinx employees to talk about their experiences and make meaningful connections with coworkers as well as to promote recruitment, retention, and achievement.


Veterans@STR is a space to support and advocate for veterans within the company by helping veterans transition into and succeed at STR, sharing relevant information useful to other veterans, and continuing to foster the camaraderie enjoyed within the service.


AAPI@STR is a space for the AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) community and allies to celebrate and share heritage, discuss topics that affect personal and professional lives, and make meaningful connections with coworkers.

Women+ group

Women+ at STR is a space for all women (cis and trans) and non-binary folks to make meaningful connections with their coworkers and discuss topics that affect women in the workplace.​​​​​​​


Women in defense

Women In Defense (WID), a National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Affiliate, engages, cultivates and advances women in all aspects of national security. STR attended the WID National Conference as Liberty Sponsors in 2020.


The Tapia conference is the premier venue to acknowledge, promote and celebrate diversity in computing. As Bronze Sponsors of the 2022 CMD-IT/ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference, STR connected with the diverse professional and academic participants during the career fair in DC.

UMD’s Iribe initiative for diversity in computing

UMD’s Iribe Initiative for Diversity in Computing (I4C) aims to increase diversity of race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, disability status, and sexual orientation in the computing fields. STR’s partnership furthers I4C’s programs of supporting current students, conducing community outreach in local K-12 communities, and advocating for underrepresented populations in tech.

Women in the Enterprise of Science & Technology

Boston based WEST helps women in science, technology, and engineering advance their careers. Our members are committed to developing themselves as leaders through learning, networking, and sharing.

georgia tech’s student center for diversity and inclusion

STR has partnered with GA Tech’s Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion, one of our best sources of high-caliber interns and new hires, to tap into an expanded talent pool of underrepresented students. By connected with GA Tech’s CSDI, STR has the opportunity to support diverse students enrolled in rigorous academic programs while gaining access to more students within the university. 

the Erdös institute

The Erdös Institute is a multi-university collaboration focused on helping PhDs get jobs they love at every stage of their career. Founded in 2017, the Institute helps train and place a diverse pool of graduate students, postdocs, and graduate alumni.

Participants from member institutions have free access to all of the programming and resources that the Institute provides.