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what we do


STR is built on people and technology platforms tackling tough problems in cybersecurity, distributed sensing, and artificial intelligence to deliver mission performance.

our vision

A safer future in the information age

STR makes the world a safer place by developing technology and applying it to solve emerging national security challenges. ​

We believe that innovations delivering scale, speed, and resilience will define a safer future for the information age.​

We love hard technical problems, breaking out an oscilloscope, and continuous deployment of amazing software. We also think that diversity is the key to innovation, and even if our work is sometimes serious, we think life is better with a little fun.​

our values

Impact. Craftsmanship. Teamwork.

Our values reflect our ideals and the culture we live every day, they reflect our commitment to people – our users, our friends and colleagues, and our own personal development. We’re looking for people who share these values.​

history and future

From humble origins to an audacious future

We are crafting STR for the long term. We have an audacious vision for a better, safer tomorrow, that we are building one employee at a time.

STR was inspired by the great engineering teams in history. That means that our origins are humble: five people working together around a basement table with some big dreams for the future. ​

We realized that the best way to invent the future is by looking after people – our teammates and our customers. As we grow, we attract promising new talent, renowned experts, seasoned practitioners, and people who like other people. We want our business growth to be accompanied by personal growth for every employee.​


The foundation of a free society is a safe society. As ubiquitous computing, software, radios and networking extend to every corner of lives — our homes, our economy, our critical infrastructure — we face a new set of challenges in assuring our collective safety. We need to evolve national security in light of these changes.

Our vision is for the information age, for the connected world. Our technology platforms help master the exploding information sphere and deliver a decisive security advantage. We build these platforms on advanced algorithms and human creativity to deliver a continual flow of technical capability for the common good.


Our analytics division develops tools to help people sift for meaning from vast sea of data, and help make smart, timely decisions. We deliver artificial intelligence with purpose.


We are surrounded by computers, networks, and information systems with seemingly boundless extent. Our cyber division unravels this complexity, allowing us to see the world in a new way.


Our sensors division exploits physics to observe the world around us, leveraging software-defined principles to deliver continuously evolving hardware and algorithms. 


Our systems division deploys advanced technology into user hands, supporting systems from undersea to space.

our work

Addressing menaces,
not advertising​

We make AI that allows citizens with oppressive governments to communicate safely and freely. We make AI that prowls the dark web to find the predators that menace innocence.​

It seems like everyone is talking about AI these days. But at STR, we realize that the real potential of machine learning isn’t just to increase the click-through rates of web advertisement. ​

Continuous delivery of software is all the rage in the business world, as user feedback drives better productivity and ease of use. We do DevOps, too – but our users are intelligence analysts and situation commanders – who benefit every day from continual delivery of new capabilities, even in demanding environments.​

Our work is challenging and high impact. One of the best things about working at STR is going home at night knowing that we left the world a little safer or that we pushed the frontier of technology just a bit.


Blazing a new way with
STR technology platforms

Our vision is for the information age, for the connected world. Our way is based on advanced algorithms and human creativity to deliver a continual flow of technical capability for the common good.

our work

We deliver technology advantage to real-world users with tough missions. This knowledge, plus a few cups of coffee, is what gives us motivation every morning. Our users have fascinating stories and important jobs, and we’d like to share a few.

Read stories of how our work is making an impact in the real world.