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life at str


We deliver the challenges, mentoring, and collaborators to let you build something of lasting impact. 

who we are

Great people make a great workplace: A little fun, a little smart, a little caring. Curious minds and new perspectives make for better solutions to tough problems. 

Giving Dream Team a new meaning

We don’t do cookie-cutter. We want original perspectives. We dream big and deliver innovation. That is the foundation of great teams.

We think that our unique individual strengths are best unleashed as part of a team  working towards a common vision. A Dream Team, if you will.  

work that matters

Yeah, we want to change the world

You can find technology companies everywhere. But purpose like ours is something special. 

What if there was a team that thought the real potential of artificial intelligence wasn’t to optimize web advertisement?  What if instead we could use AI to allow citizens with oppressive governments to communicate safely and freely?  At STR, our work is challenging but high impact. 

The STR Triangle

Ingredients for magic: curious researchers, diligent engineers, and practical minds

The big technology innovations always come from looking at challenges in a new way. But to do this, you need a few special ingredients, and an open mind.

First, we find the problems. We hire national security experts who are masters of their craft. Next, we need the spark of fresh perspectives. We bring in growing, eager talent to ask tough questions and rethink everything. Then, we experiment and mature these ideas.  

We have world-renowned researchers and technologists to provide mentorship. Finally, we have to make it real. Skilled engineers and test professionals deliver vetted solutions into users’ hands.

That’s our formula. Great people, amazing technology, lasting impact.

Diversity & Inclusion

It’s a fact: diversity drives innovation

STR’s mission of leaving a lasting, positive impact on the world means that we need extraordinary talent, and we know that the only way to attract this talent is by a deep and foundational commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

company culture

Just a few friends hacking a satellite for fun

Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty  
Everyone has some creativity to unleash at STR.

Sometimes the only way to deliver on deadline is with a little break 

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as seeing your project launch 
Yes, we do software. Some of ours runs in the cloud, orbits in space, or sits deep under the ocean.

“Despite the growth over the past few years, STR still maintains its small business culture. Even if you are new to a project, you are given meaningful tasks that help push the project forward. Within my first few months at STR, I was researching my own task for a project I was working on, and presenting to customers.

Lamia Farah, Associate Researcher

“My colleagues and mentors at STR care and value my personal growth and career development. I feel motivated to go into work daily to solve intellectually stimulating problems and learn new skills together with my team.

Zhongheng Li, Machine Learning Engineer

“At STR, I’ve had the opportunity to work on things I didn’t think were possible. It’s been a pleasure working with talented and friendly colleagues to solve hard interdisciplinary problems.

Obinna Anyanwu, Lead Engineer
Check out our open positions

Some of our postings are for unicorns, while others are after hidden gems, seasoned talent, or fresh potential. We have five facilities in the United States, and draw from a diversity of backgrounds. 

On the lookout for our newest team member