DE&I Workshop Series Presented By Intune

The Power of Belonging

Human beings, at core, need to be seen, heard, and valued. Additionally, we are born innately wired for both connection and for curiosity. When we recognize and leverage these fundamental and critical human needs, we can better understand ourselves and conflicts with others, feel empathy and compassion, and foster and invite a true sense of belonging within organizations. This intro class on belonging will cover the key concepts of belonging and open up fresh conversation about deepening a felt sense of belonging at STR.

Understanding Privilege

In the United States, there is the assumption that we are all on the same playing field and that opportunities are available to each person with equal measure. “Hard work and dedication is the recipe for success.” Yet we know this is not true. Privilege divides those with easier access, fuller representation, and richer opportunities with those who have less access to these benefits. Participants leave with a deeper understanding of how they hold privilege that is not their fault, and how systemic change comes through choosing to use privilege as a tool for conscious allyship.

Identity Safety and Performance

Based on University of California researcher and professor Dr. Claude Steele’s work on identity safety, we will explore how code-switching, psychological and emotional safety, and bias affect how a person performs. Learn how to be a conscious ally by minimizing stereotype threat which increases engagement, belonging, and achievement.